Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm creative like that. Or maybe I just have a sick masochistic mind.

I've been researching. 

Yes, I have.

Researching on what, you may ask?

Well, researching for inspiration, in the form of exam questions.

You see, I had so much fun writing the story from my student's English paper the other day that I thought, 'Hey, what if I did a whole series of stories based on these questions?' Seems fun, right? I mean, it could be fun, I can use this as a way to keep my creative juices flowing in my mundane-routine-like life. It's a good way to make sure that I'll consistently update this blog and my website; no reason to slack off now.

So the next time my student brought his stack of past year papers to me, I'd taken the liberty to copy down all story-writing questions (without neglecting my student's work, of course. I'm a responsible teacher at the very least). And a couple of days later, I decided, well, I should narrow down the topics that I'm interested to write on. And oh, what about the past year papers from actual SPM papers? So I googled them up and downloaded them; not all, but enough to keep me occupied.

There are so many titles that I wanted to write on, but just in case I bit off more than I can chew, I've decided to take it slow, and start with 13 first. Let's call this...Series I:
1) Write a story beginning with: "My legs were hurting and I could not continue walking..."
2) Write a story ending with: "...thank goodness, it was only a case of mistaken identity."
4) Write a story ending with: "As I walked away, I knew that I would never come back to this place again."
5) Write a story ending with "I should be more careful about my choice of friends."
7) Write a story ending with: "We had never laughed so much in our lives."
8) Write a story with the title: An Unexpected Visitor
9) Write a story beginning with: "Kim was nervous when the door opened..."
10)Write a story beginning with: "It had been raining all day..."
11)Write a story that ends with: "They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully."
13)Write a story about a fisherman beginning with: "The wind blew strongly. Out at sea, ..."
(Source: Chung Ling High School past year trial papers and SPM past year papers)

If I managed to go through this whole list consistently, then we shall revisit those past years for more titles to play with, and if I've finished writing THOSE, well then I guess I should grow up a little bit and challenge MUET and IELTS questions, although, I have to say, I prefer fiction over opinion-based writing tasks, not because I have nothing to write for these topics, but because I can never pick a side. I'm indecisive that way. There's just too many things to consider, and each side of the equation has their reasons that made me want to support them. I don't know man, I'm just the worst decision-maker ever. 

Or, I can just ask my friends for titles. Or, if you have any title you'd like me to write, feel free to leave them in the comments section too! I don't discriminate (:

Nevertheless, coming back to Series I essays, I understand that these are questions meant for teenagers, and I'm further than a far cry from my teen years. These essays are also meant to be written within one hour, which, I obviously have more than that. So to make things fair, instead of essays around 350 words, I should be writing more than that, as shown in my recent essay based on my student's trial paper. Hence, I've decided to write at least 1000 words for the first 5 titles that I choose to write on. The sequence for this whole series would be chosen at random order. As for the 6th-10th titles, I'd like to push myself towards 2000+ words and if I'm able, I'm going to further increase the word-count to 3000+ words for 11th-13th titles. I find this benchmark acceptable.

An as for the duration, I would very much like to post a story every two to three days, but because I'm not a risk-taker and I'm also a big-a** coward, I'll settle for 1 each week. But, who knows, I might throw in two titles a week if I can find the time to write. heh.

This is so exciting. I'm going to pick a title now and start writing. Then post it up tomorrow! 
Wait, no no no. Too soon, too soon. Okay, I'll post it up by Monday. YES.

So yeah. Let the stories begin!