Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I don't have a particular topic to talk about today; there're so many things going through my mind right now that I wouldn't consider thoughts of my own, they're more like list of things that I need to get done. And because I have problem concentrating on one task at a time, even at this moment as I'm typing this out, I'd stop every couple of minutes to do something else as the tasks pops into my mind. I should really try meditation to calm my mind down, because if this goes on, I might never be able to focus properly on anything anymore.

But anyway, to reiterate, as you can see from this entry's title, it's going to be about flowers. It's not going to be a long essay like previous posts because I don't know much about flowers, nor do I appreciate them much. Nevertheless, as I watch a show that I'm currently following on the interweb, I couldn't help but find myself constantly distracted by the flowers in the setting of the show. And then I realized that hey, I do have a preference when it comes to flowers. It made me feel just a little bit more feminine (which is actually quite a rare thing to happen).

I find that I like flowers of a particular characteristic, rather than colors or scents; I like flowers that look like the sun. Not the bright, blinding one in real life, but more like the sun in cartoons. Kind of like sunflowers, but not sunflowers. I don't really like sunflowers that much because of their freakishly tall and big flowers. I do like their seeds though.

 like small flowers that screams "Hi!" when you look at them, maybe not the exciting "HIIIIII!!!!", but a gentle, cheerful "hello!". Maybe it's just a personal feeling rather than a common trait, perhaps you won't understand what I'm trying to say here. Nevertheless, flowers like cosmos and daisies gave me that impression when I look at them. Small, colorful, happy. I'm not sure if they smell nice or not, I've never really been able to detect any special scent that flowers have (except for lavenders, those purple thingies have scents so strong I get dizzy from smelling them. So hateful.) The best thing about them is that they can grow anywhere: in a cute little pot, or a bush in a garden, or even by the roadside. It's like they're saying that beautiful things can be anywhere, it doesn't matter whether it's an expensive piece of land, or an unwanted handful of dirt. It serves as a reminder to me that no matter where I am, or what I'm doing, it doesn't hurt to make the extra effort to be better as a person, because circumstances don't make who you are on the inside, you yourself do. And when you're good/nice/kind/beautiful from the inside, it positive vibe will influence your whole surrounding and turn it into a better/happier place for everyone in it. Now ain't that awesome.

Or maybe I only like small, cute flowers because it's everything that I'm not, but wished to be.