Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This is it.

This is not the first time I blogged, possibly not my last if I somehow decided to delete this current one and take a break from blogging. Because I can never stop writing. I don't talk very much, nor have I the audience/someone to listen to my rambling. So I must write: in a journal, or a Facebook status, or a random essay in my laptop, or a blog. These words have to get out of my head. And when this free website site came along, I just thought "well, what the heck, go hard or go home, right?" My life isn't confined to just words, in fact, my whole life is a big distraction. There's photography, lots of doodling, the occasional master pieces, and some weird art stuff that I don't even know why I created. So, welcome to my website. I hope you like it, but I suppose you can just leave if you don't. Heh.

I can give you a thousand and one reasons for me to blog, but why would I want to lie to you, I might not even know who you are. The real reason I blog, is because I want to be heard. Because there are so many idiots out there that said the wrong words at the right time and got themselves catapulted right into the spotlight. A good thing or not, you be the judge, but I sure wish there are more logical and rational people out there are voicing out their opinions, because here I am, almost exploding with rage from the stupidity of certain groups of people existing in our world. What makes me even more frustrated, is that even though WE can make the change if we try to, we often chose to tolerate and keep our mouths shut. Nobody wants to be the smart aleck. Nobody wants to be the next big mistake.

So, yes. In a way I want to attempt to start a small ripple of change in our rusted culture. Sure, my opinion may be wrong in some parts and weird in others, but as long as there's a hint of truth in the midst of the chaos of words, my conscience is clear and blog I will. I am afraid of getting jailed for free-speech though. Oh, the dilemma. Nevertheless, I don't want to turn into one of the ever growing number of puppets we have in our generation who don't give a fuck to the world "because we're all doomed anyway". Don't get me wrong, I'm quite ignorant and indifferent as well, but there are some things that you just can't NOT be angry when you got to know about them. We're doomed because of the way we think, and we'll definitely rot in hell if we all think like you scumbags-who-are-too-'cool'-to-care. Who do you think that fought hard to give you the freedom to not-giving-a-fuck to begin with. The people who do give a fuck, that's who. 

But of course, there wont be angry and frustrated posts all the time, I have plenty of issues other than anger. And I'm not unreasonable, so feel free to let me know when I'm going over-board (but don't be mean, this is my blog after all). If you think that I said something right and worth sharing, don't hesitate to share it out, I'd love to have more like-minded people to talk to, makes me feel less alone in this place.

TIFN (That's it for now)