Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Of Living Things

Are there times when you suddenly think to yourself, "Can you believe something like this exists?" Something living; plants, animals, insects. Soething that breathes and eats and sleeps, but not human. 

I'm suddenly gripped by this revelation this morning as I watched my 3 year-old poodle scratching herself. It's not the most glamourous thing to see when you had a eureka moment, I know, but you can't pick and choose when you realize things. 

So there I was, just sitting and staring at my little fur-ball minding her own business, as she does every morning after an episode of Good Morning Khawlin where she would bounce around panting and trying to lick me everywhere. How amazing is this, I thought. A ball of fluff that has almost no other purpose in its life other than making your existense and your happiness their priority. Who would've thought something like this exists in the world. It's times like this that makes we wonder if there's really a God that creates everything we have in our lives.

I love animals, and I especially love dogs because I've had dogs on different stages in my life. Having 3 dogs at home right now, I couldn't imagine how life would be without them, which is devastating when I remembered the time my two older dogs died 3years ago and 3months ago respectively, and the terror I felt knowing that I'll have to live through that same devastation for three more times, provided My family doesn't get another dog (or two) in the future. We always say we wouldn't take in another, but sometimes we do, because who can resist kanine charms, with their puppy eyes and warm-friendliness.

I've had dogs since childhood, and to me, there's more to dogs than their breed and size. To me, getting dogs means getting a Happiness Machine for your home. They just have this kind of in-your-face attitude that just blocks out all sadness and make you concentrate just on them: "Look at me! Look at me! I'm chasing me tail! Look Look! I can roll over! Scratch my tummy! Scratch it! Scratch it! I'll lick you if you don't!...I'll lick you if you do!", they'd say.  It really helps to reprogram my mood, considering how susceptible I am to being emo and depressed.

They don't know if they're big or small, hunting breed or toy breed or dangerous breeds. They know only a few things: they stay with you, you feed them, you bathe them, you play with them, so they love you. They love you so much they'd want to protect you, and watch over you even if you're only leaving your desktop to go to the toilet. They're two steps behind you as you walk around your house, cleaning, or just walking around because you have nothing else to do. And when you finally reached for the leash and collar they'd become so ecstatic that they'd jump around and whimper and brush their noses against your legs, because they know that you know that they love to go outside too, even if it's only for a short 15 minutes stroll around the block. 

That's what they do; that's how they show their love for you.

What I don't understand is why some people does not care enough to consider the work involved and the fact that a dog is like a child, before going through with the trouble to get the dog. What I don't understand is why after the trouble of getting a dog, they could neglect the dog to a point that one day it either sneaks out of the house, got lost and became a stray, or throw it out into the streets to fend for itself, or euthanize it because it has become a burden in their lives. We claimed ourselves to be the smarter species of animals on the planet, so how on earth did we become so heartless? What's the difference between us and the other animals in the wild? besides the fact that we don't rip them apart with our own teeth and hands and eat them (I can't say the same for people that do).

It breaks my heart especially when I see dogs still being loyal and loving to their terrible dog owners. What does that say about us and about dogs? We say we are compasionate, that we love our family members, but resolved to violent so easily and would hurt them in the name of love. I've never seen dogs hurt their owners on purpose because they love their owners. To be honest, I don't think any animal would do that as well; humans seemed to be the only species that has this specific trait. 

We claim that we are the better species simply because we are advanced enough in the area of communication to SAY that we are, and to speculate that we are capable of doing good. Some of us do strive for a better tomorrow of course, but the fact is we are only as strong as our weakest link, and our weakest link is pretty weak and rotten.